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I can't believe this happened, but I'm so amazingly glad that it did.

This week, I've been getting hit, so damn hard, by work with my Navy IS A School stuff. Seriously? I test tomorrow, on a unit we started yesterday. This is the longest and most difficult unit in A School (or so I'm told), and we've got about half the time we're supposed to get because of Thanksgiving next week.

Which, incidently, I don't get to go home for, because I'm (trying to) going home for Christmas.

On top of that, my car apparently is too shitty to make the trip from my house to my base, so I'm not going to have a car until I graduate C School (after A School) and go home. I'm just a reservist, so we get to do that. Sometimes.

So, I've spent, over the past two days, about 22 hours in my classroom studying for this test. It's driving me insane, my right eye has developed a mild twitch and I want to kill something.

So imagine my surprise when, despite all this SHIT, I get back to my barracks, boot up the computer and find that one of you drew up some fan art for Jakaesi.

Mathew Fedock, I cannot thank you enough. Seeing that helped me out more than you know.

Mr. Fedock found Jakaesi through Adam's other comic, Permenantly Seated, an occasionally updated autobiographical strip (http://www.permanentlyseated.com/)

For anyone curious about this thing, well, here it is:

So thanks a ton, Matt. I owe ya one.

Now to go fail the crap out of that test.

posted by Johnny Whoa @ November 17th, 2009, 9:26 pm  -  2 Comments

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  well, gosh

You are very welcome. I'm sorry to hear about all the shit you're going through. Glad I could help out. I haven't cartooned in a while so this was a treat for me too. I'm enjoying your guys' comics so far. Keep up the good work. I'll be around, for sure.

posted by mordacaiMT (Matt) (Guest), November 17th, 2009, 10:43 pm


So what happened to B school?

posted by Caris (Guest), December 3rd, 2009, 7:47 am

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