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Hoo Ya!

I am BACK!
God that is good to say. One more time.

So yeah, what a surprise, boot camp sucked. But it's over and I'm officially in the U.S. Navy.

As of right now, I'm in my A School to become an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy. Like 99% of what I do in my classes here is gonna be classified.
Cool, huh?

But when I'm not in class life is pretty good. I live pretty much like a civilian then. As such, my participation with Jakaesi is active again!

My first page went up today. I hope you enjoy it and continue to follow along with Jakaesi for a good, long time, as I intend to continue making it as long as I can.

See you next week!

posted by Johnny Whoa @ September 26th, 2009, 5:13 pm  -  1 Comments

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Knowing classified isn't as cool as it sounds, especially the stuff you'll see at A school. At least that's how it turned out for me...

posted by Cory (Guest), September 27th, 2009, 7:47 pm

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