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Updating? Wussat?

So as I imagine you've all seen by now, we've actually been updating rather often lately. I do hope you'll forgive us for our blasphemous ways.

Figure I should just give ya'll a heads up on what's happening.

Remember that dude who did the fan art? The awesome, awesome fan art? Well, that's Matt Fedock, and we've added him as an author. Woo!

Matt, Doug and I (and maybe Caris) are all competing in that Welcome to Nevermore thing, but we've all (I mean the whole Jak staff) been talking about Jakaesi lately and we want to try to get it back up and updating regularly. Neat, eh?

Some of you might be wondering about Luke. Well, he's still with us, technically. He's rarely got access to Internet and hasn't had much time for art, so we don't see him much. Last time we talked to him he said he wanted to try to get back into art, though, so wish him luck!

Just gonna leave you with some links here. Ciao
Johnny's DA
Doug's DA
Adam's DA
Carey's DA
Matt's DA

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