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The State of the Comic

is awesome.

Important stuffs here, folks! Read up because we love your input on these things.

Sorry about the delay in this next comic, guys. Caris has a version of it done, but she's being a perfectionist about it and blah blah blah.

So have this doodle comic she drew up earlier while you wait for the real one:

(If you never hear from me again, she killed me for posting this)

So I figure I should give you guys a heads up on what's happening. Doug, Caris and I dropped out of Welcome to Nevermore, all for one reason or another, but Matt's in it and he's going to go shoot some cartoons in the face. So rock on there.

Now for Jak news!

After Caris' comic goes up, I'll post one, then Matt's posting his first and that'll wrap up this intro arc.

Then we get on to some awesome shit. Adam came up with an idea for an arc that we're all psyched about, so we'll be jumping right into that, and after that one, we have ANOTHER arc lined up. HOW. COOL. ARE. WE?

Finally, we've decided to do a jakaesi podcast, or as Doug so awesomely has dubbed it, the "Jakast!" Expect the first podcast to go up this weekend. Starting on the second podcast (we want to do like, 2 a month or so) we'll be answering any questions you, the readers, have! If you want, we'll ask them anonymously. Just send your questions or comments or anything Jakaesi-related to jakaesi@yahoo.com and we'll get it!

Concerning our schedule. Originally, we wanted to update every day. That fell apart. I blame Luke, because he doesn't have the proper Internet-access required to defend himself.
Also because he's British.

But we'd like to start updating at least once a week from here on out. No word on the specific day, but probably Saturdays. We'll keep you posted.

May the Whoa be with you,
-Johnny Whoa

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